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 Podbrdo Trail Running Festival

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Podbrdo - Slovenija, 16.6. - 18.6.2023


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Date: 20th June, 2015
Start line: Podbrdo (520 m altitude)
Finish line: Podbrdo (520 m altitude)
Length: 12 km with 800 m of total vertical elevation.
Summary of the trail:

Contestants are running on mulatiera and on mountain paths, which they lead from Podbrdo, to Petrovo Brdo, then to Robar's hill and back to Podbrdo.

Start is in Podbrdo at the monument. It is recommended to park the car near railway station and then to run to the church. At the church turn left, where is the mark for the trail GM4O. Follow those marks for the next five kilometres. At the 180° turn, when you can see remains of army barracks, follow the path for the next 400 metres and then turn right. After that stick to the left. In the next 200 metres arrive to mountain path for Črna prst, this is also the old trail for GM40 (Petrovo Brdo - Petrovo Brdo 35km). Here turn right and go downhill. From here on it is hard to miss the route, but it is a hard one path for knees, be careful. The downhill is meciless. When arriving in Petrovo Brdo, cross the bridge upon main street and follow marks to Porezen. From beginning is the slope's terrain pavement. After a right turn it turns into the mountain path, which after some time turns again into pavement. Next turning from mountain path leads to macadam road, on which we MUST TURN RIGHT and NOT CONTINUE to follow the stairs for Porezen. Here is also one of the most beautiful viewpoint to the valley, so go ahead and take a breather. Continue to follow the macadam path for about one kilometre and then turn left on the slope, just follow marks of GM4O. On the left side after some running you should see concrete entrance for bunker. After 100 metres look on the left side for the iron pole wreathed with barbed wire. If you want an unique viewpoint on Podbrdo and finish line, turn left on the path and after some metres you could see the army barrack, which is hiding between the hill and viewpoint. From the path with barbed wire turn right, path is at first really narrow, but after some time it gets broaden into a macadam path, which leads to Podbrdo to finish line.

Refreshment stations: There will be 3 refreshment stations on route with water, juice (Cedevita) and Isostar energy drink.




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