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 Podbrdo Trail Running Festival

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Podbrdo - Slovenija, 15.6. - 17.6.2018


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UPT provide 5 qualifying points for "Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc®" 


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Turistično društvo Podbrdo in collaboration with Rod Aragonitnih ježkov Cerkno, Športno društvo Marmor Hotavlje, Kulturno športno društvo Martinj vrh, Atletsko društvo Železniki, Športno društvo Sorica, MTB Železniki and Planinsko društvo Podbrdo.

td RAJ Cerkno SDMH KS_D ADZ1 SD-Sorica MTB-Z-200 PD Podbrdo1



1. LOC President - Milan Čadež
2. LOC Director - Jože Dakskobler
3. race Director - Teodor Markoč
4. Chief Črna prst - Tomaž Štenkler
5. Chief Cerkno - Andraž Drešček
6. Chief Kopačnica - Boštjan Jezeršek
7. Chief Martinj Vrh - Zdravko Benedičič
8. Chief Železniki - Brane Čenčič
9. Chief Sorica - Tadej Jensterle
10. Chief Soriška pl. - Miha Pintar
11. Chief Podbrdo - Sonja Glavač
12. Coordinator – Teodor Markoč
13 Members: Franci Kokalj, Aljaž Gamse, Davorin Kunstelj


1. Jože Dakskobler
2. Andraž Drešček
3. Boštjan Jezeršek
4. Brane Čenčič
5. Tomaž Štenkler
6. Teodor Markoč


4. DATE:

Saturday 16 June, 2018, start at 6.00 AM



Podbrdo, in Baška grapa, in the old village centre (near church) (altitude 520 m)



Podbrdo, in Baška grapa, at the event area »na Bazenu« (altitude 520 m)



Podbrdu (start line) – Kovce – Kobla – Črna Prst – Kal – Stržišče – Obloke – Hudajužna – Durnik – Porezen – Vrše – Tuškov grič – Črni Vrh – Robidnca – Kopačnica – Leskovica – Blegoš – Črni Kal – Martinj vrh – Ojstri vrh – Železniki – Ratitovec – Dajnarska planina – Soriška planina – Lajnar – Kovce – Petrovo Brdo – Robar – Podbrdo (finish line)

The route will be marked with well-visible strips and signposts. The volunteers will be also assigned along course route to direct competitors. The distances on the route will be not marked.





Its length is 105 km and have in total 6800 m positive altitude (see track profile).




Categories MEN Categories WOMEN AGE Year of birth
Člani Članice 18 – 39 year 1979 - 2000
Ml. veterani Ml. veteranke 40 – 49 year 1969 - 1978
Veterani Veteranke 50 – 59 year 1959 - 1968
St. veterani St. veteranke 60 – 69 year 1949 – 1958
Super veterani Super veteranke 70 year and more 1948 and before
Absolute Absolute 18 and more 2000 and before




There will be 10 refreshment point on route:
1. Črna prst

2. Hudajužna

3. Porezen

4. Črni vrh

5. Kopačnica - supply centre

6. Blegoš

7. Martinj vrh

8. Železniki - supply centre

9. Ratitovec

10. Soriška planina

At the refreshment point will be available water (there will also be water refilling equipment), juice (Cedevita), Isostar energy drink and light food. At the finish line there will be another refreshment point with beverages, fruit cups and warm meals. Only the competitors carrying a visible and duly controlled race number (bib number) have access to the refreshment posts. All food should be consumed only at the refreshments area only. After leaving refreshment point the competitor should carry on them enough liquid for the distance to the next refreshment point.



- Race number which should be highly visible

- Stock of water no less than 1 litre

- Mobile phone

- Astrofoil

- Windproof jacket

- Whistle

- Headlamp with spare batteries

- Elastic bandage length at least 1 m

Each competitor is committed to carry the obligatory equipment throughout the race and present it whenever required by the organiser during the race.
Pre-start obligatory equipment inspection is performed when competitors take their start number (on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning) and randomly at selected locations across the trail.

Recommended material depending on weather conditions:
- Energy bars

- Hat

- Gloves

- Leggings



Competitors can prepare their sport equipments (clothes, walking poles etc.) in prepared plastic bags for the following points: Kopačnica (at 48 km), Železniki (at 70 km) and Podbrdo (finish). Only equipment in this bags will be allowed on the race.

Competitors can leave their plastic bags at the UPT centre (at elementary school) on Saturday morning before start (4:30 AM – 5:30 AM).



Time limit for the race is 30 hours. Closing time in Kopačnica is after 11 hours and in Železniki after 18 hours.

Competitors failing to finish corresponding distances at stipulated time limit shall cease the race. Competitors, who exit the course should get on the pick-up transportation vehicle to the finish area. Transportation will be organised from explicit points in intervals that will depend on mass of transportation. While waiting, warm place with food and drinks will be provided.

Competitor should hand over race number (bib number) to representative of organiser at track when ceasing the race.

Time will be measured with chip.



Each competitor will be given a memory medal at finish line. First top 3 male and 3 female of each category will be rewarded with a medal. The awards ceremony will take place on Sunday 17 June, 2018 at 12 PM, at the event area (»Na bazenu«).



- Registration is possible only through the official website until the closing date on 14 June, 2018 or until the fulfilment of applications for the race (limited to 100 competitors).

- The registration will be accredited with the payment of entry fee for the race.

- Entry fee is not refundable nor transferable for the next year.

- The race will be limited to 100 competitors. In the case of higher number of applicants the organiser will accept the competitors in accordance with the rule first paid, first served.

- The list of competitors with race numbers (bib numbers) will be published on official website

- Registration at venue IS possible.



- Registration and payment on or before 31 December, 2017 - 60 EUR

- Registration and payment on or before 31 May, 2018 - 70 EUR

- Registration and payment after 1 June, 2018 - 80 EUR (we can not assure goody bag and personalised bib numbers)


3 EUR of each entry fee is intended for charity.


- Entry fee should be transferred to the organiser's account:

Address: PODBRDO 73A
City: 5243 PODBRDO
Country: SLOVENIA – 705
Purpose code: GDSV
Purpose: UPT – runner's name and surname
IBAN: SI56-0475-3000-0320-392
Reference: SI 00 16062018+(order number of your application)


- Please, do not forget to write down the runners's name and surname.

- The entry fee will not be refunded due extensive organisational needs of the event.



- Practical gift.

- A warm meal (pasta with sauce) on the day before trail.

- Timing with chips.

- Free beverages and snacks on all 10 refreshment points on the route.

- Beverages and fruits at the finish line.

- Warm meal and a drink after the course and at the awards ceremony.

- Showers and specialized physical therapists for sport massages at UPT centre (elementary school).

- Full medical support during the event.

- Organiser also provide information about accommodations near event area (for more information email the organiser at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

- Transportation for sports equipments to the supply centres Kopačnica in Železniki.

- 3 EUR of each entry fee is intended for charity.



- Friday 15 June, 2018, in Podbrdo at the event area (»na Bazenu«), from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

- Saturday 16 June, 2018 on the day of the race, in Podbrdo at elementary school, from 4:30 AM to 5:30 AM.



1. Minors (under 18) are not allowed to participate.

2. Competitors are insured at the third-party insurance policy at Zavarovalnica Triglav d.d.

3. Competitors must stay on the official course at all times. It is the responsibility of each competitor to know the course and follow signposts (please see the course map to learn the course before race day). Participants, who leave the course will automatically be disqualified and also those, who take a shortcut or jump into the race from halfway.

4. On the parts where the trail meets the road, competitors should follow the road traffic and traffic signals regulations.

5. Any individual assistance outside the refreshment stations is prohibited, as is support in the race. The competitor arriving at a refreshment station or control check-point must follow the instructions given by the volunteers and will be required to comply with them.

6. Each competitor is committed to carry obligatory equipment throughout the race and present it whenever required by the organiser during the race. Check points may be carried out at any time during the race and the competitor is obliged to cooperate with these controls cordially, non-compliance may result in disqualification.

7. Walking poles are tolerated.

8. The mountain rescue team (GRS) will set up a medical aid posts along the route and they would be in constant contact with the directing stuff (organiser). Volunteers will be assigned along the route to maintain race order and to check attendance of competitors. Competitors may seek help with them for any problems.

9. Organiser can disqualify a competitor for throwing waste on the route and outside designated areas. Organiser aim to ensure that all competitors do not litter the race course and instead use the garbage can in specifics areas.

10. After the end of the race the organiser will inspect the entire route to ensure that no one will be left behind on the trail as well as help those, who resigned from the race or were injured. Transport vehicle will be organised for them to drive them back to the event area from the main points on the route (Hudajužna, Kopačnica and Železniki). Competitors, who resigned in between those points should choose the shortest way to get get back to the nearest refreshment point on the course or try to get to the finish line. Competitors, who resign form the race are obligated to call the organiser's number, which they will receive with the race number and chip.

11. The event will be carried out in any weather conditions. However, in the event of such a bad weather that would impact the competitors safety (heavy thunderstorm, natural disaster… ), the supreme race committee (Jože Dakskobler, Andraž Drešček, Boštjan Jezeršek, Brane Čenčič, Tomaž Štenkler, Teodor Markoč) reserve the right to stop or modify the time barriers of the event.

12. The competitor acknowledges and agrees that the activity organised or conducted by the organiser is in the nature of an “extreme sport” and as such, has inherent dangers and risks, including risk of injury or death to the participant.

13. Competitors acknowledge that they are voluntarily applying to participate in the Ultra Pušeljc Trail and they agree to the terms, conditions and recommendations of the event. Competitors should also understand that these rules may be amended, modified or improved at any time by the organiser.



LOC director: Jože Dakskobler; tel.: + 386 41 837 551; e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Race director: Teodor Markoč; tel.: +386 40 202 449; e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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