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 Podbrdo Trail Running Festival

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Podbrdo - Slovenija, 16.6. - 18.6.2023


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Črna prst (1844 m)

A mountain in the southeast of the Julian Alps lying on the edge of the Triglav National Park. The area just below the top is characterized by liassic limestone with dark layers of manganese ore, from which the mountain takes its name. The slopes are home to varied and interesting vegetation, which may also be observed at the top where the Dom Zorka Jelinčiča mountain hut stands.


A plethora of marked trails leads to the top of Črna Prst – from Bohinjska Bistrica one can ascend the top along two different trails: one, slightly more to the west, starting in Polje, along the road from Bohinjska Bistrica towards the lake, the other, from the southerly direction of Baška grapa, from Podbrdo, Trtnik and Kal. More demanding hikers may opt for the longer route to Črna Prst from Vogel and the entire ridge of the Tolmin-Bohinj mountains, or the climb through Planina behind Črna Gora.


The area is renowned for its rich flora wich has attracted botanists for the past two hundred years. The naturally preserved mountain grasslands are dotted with rare species - eryngium alpinum, artemisia nitida, crepis bocconi, viola pyrenaica - and numeous endemic plants like conitum angustifolium and moehringia villosa. Črna Prst is the classic habitat for Hacquet's Lousewort (pedicularis hacqueti) and Julian Lousewort (pedicularis julica) and we must not forget Silvery Crane's Bill (geranium argenteum), Cream Clover (trifolium noricum) and the endemic Short-Haired Sandwort (moehringia villosa). It is also the typical habitat of the Mountain Apollo butterfly (parnassius apollo rhea).





Foto: Damjan Leban


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