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 Podbrdo Trail Running Festival

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Podbrdo - Slovenija, 16.6. - 18.6.2023


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Hudajužna in Obloke


This village at the bottom of Baška Grapa lies along the Bača pri Modreju-Podbrdo road alongside the Nova Gorica-Jesenice railway. It is characterized by a series of multi-storey houses in a style characteristic of the Primorska and Škofja Loka – Cerklje regions. Once the village was home to ironworks, where iron ore from mine in nearby Obloke wasa converted into iron. Half a kilometer away towards Zapolje there is a rich mikropaleontological site with numerous fossils. The older inhabitants still work their farms, but most young people are employed in the surrounding industrial centers. (Text: Radovan Lipušček)

GM4O_Hudajuzna_1 GM4O_Hudajuzna_2

Foto: Dejan Brovč

Foto: Dejan Brovč


This hamlet lies on a gently sloping section of the near 1000 m high sine to the north of Baška Grapa (Lačno Brdo, 1111 m). It is one of the oldest settlements in the area settled by 13th century German colonizers. It can be reached from Hudajužna. In the 16th century there was a nearby iron ore mine and the parish church is from the 16th century. (Text: Radovan Lipušček)

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Foto: Dejan Brovč

Foto: Dejan Brovč


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