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 Podbrdo Trail Running Festival

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Podbrdo - Slovenija, 16.6. - 18.6.2023


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Stržišče in Kal


A hamlet consisting of two separate sections lies in the lower part of a large basin on the southern slopes of Črna Prst (1844 m). Its houses are spread out in a long row with the front side facing the incline. Most houses have several floors and steep Alpine roofs. The inhabitants are mostly retired and the young people commute to work in factories in Baška Grapa. The village was first settled during the Tyrolean colonization in the 13th century. Beneath the peak of Kogl (909 m) is the 18th century parish church of St. Ožbalt.

(Text: Radovan Lipušček)
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Foto: Dejan Brovč

Foto: Dejan Brovč


This tiny village from the period of 13th century Tyrolean colonization lies above Baška Grapa, to the south of the ridge below Črna Prst (1844 m). To the east of the village is the source of the Driselpoh stream feeding into the Bača river, which has carved a picturesque river bed out of the mountain. After a fire in 1926 when nearly all of the houses in the village burned down, Kal was re-built but is now dying out again.(Text: Radovan Lipušček)


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